Meridian Star Future POS Reporting Tool - The Beverage Ratio Report

There are many helpful reports that can be run within your Meridian Star Future POS system software, explains Brandon Weitz, President of Meridian Star Future POS. One such important reporting tool is the Beverage Ratio Report . Beverages are one of the most profitable items on the menu. In fact, the industry states that four out of five people who visit a restaurant purchase a chargeable beverage. Unfortunately, many restaurant servers find giving away FREE beverages is a way of pocketing more tip money for themselves.

With Meridian Star Future POS’s Beverage Ratio Report you can run a server report that lists how many guests each server has waited on over a designated time period. The report also breaks down beverage sales into three categories: beverage, water, no beverage. This allows you to compare how each server measures up against the national average. Then you can guide the members of your staff with a low beverage conversion rate to increase their numbers, therefore increasing revenue.

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Zack Perlman