Why You Can’t Pay This Restaurateur To Drop Future POS

Dallas Hale has been in the bar/restaurant industry for decades, holding every position you can imagine. He worked his way up from a bartender, to GM of a restaurant, to a restaurant owner, to a multi-unit restaurant owner with franchises. Today, Hale is the president and CEO of Texas-based Crafted Bar Concepts which includes Shell Shack, Sushi Marquee, and Back 9, totaling 10 restaurants and 15 franchises. 

When Hale bought what was to become the first Shell Shack back in 2013, the first thing he did was call Danny Vaughan, GM of Future POS Texas, to replace the old POS system with something new from Future POS. “I’ve been using Future POS since 1999 and have complete trust in the features, reliability, and willingness of the company to support me,” says Hale.

As time passed, Hale began opening additional Shell Shacks and new restaurant concepts, each time ensuring Future POS was the backbone of his operation. Each restaurant has a mix of traditional fixed POS terminals and iPads for tableside order entry.

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Zack Perlman