Meridian Star Point of Sale

Real Local POS Company with Award Winning Software.

When you need a point of sale (POS) system to help move your business forward, the only real POS company in the South Florida area is Meridian Star Point of Sale. We have 12 years of POS experience.


State of the art hardware

Trust the experienced, local team at Meridian Star Point of Sale to provide you with hardware solutions including touchscreen monitors, cash drawers, and receipt and kitchen printers. Our technicians are available 24 hours a day to support you on any technical issues

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A best-in class POS solution


Streamline your operations

Operate more efficiently, provide a better customer experience and benefit from countless time and money saving features.

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Take control with powerful reporting

Meridian POS puts valuable data at your fingertips, allowing you to monitor sales, track inventory, manage labor and review financials.

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Boost your bottom line

Improve your bottom line by increasing operational efficiency, minimizing ordering errors, controlling labor costs and reducing shrinkage.


Our #1 Priority

Customer Service

  • Free 24/7 live support

  • Free 26 in-house techs

  • Free local support

  • Free on-going training

  • Free 36-month warranty

  • Free menu updates

  • Free credit card integration

    … and you own the system!


24/7 Live Support


We offer the highest level of technology and software in all of our terminals to let you make smooth transactions every day.

26 In-House Techs


We have a well-trained staff of 26 local, in-house technicians who are available 24 hours a day for all your service needs. 

36 Month Warranty


Every system comes with a FREE 36-month warranty to ensure that your bar or nightclub is running efficiently.


Bundled Prices

POS Systems Starting at just $59/month

2 Station POS

$115 / 36 MONTHS

2 Titan 260 15" flat touchscreens
2 receipt printers
1 kitchen printer
2 cash drawers
2 EMV Chip Readers

1 Station POS

$59 / 36 months

1 Titan 260 15" flat touchscreen
1 receipt printer
1 kitchen printer
1 cash drawer
1 EMV Chip Reader

4 Station POS

$279 / 36 months

4 Titan 260 15" flat touchscreens
4 receipt printers
2 kitchen printers
3 cash drawers
4 EMV Chip Readers + Server and back office licenses

3 Station POS

$175 / 36 MONTHS

3 Titan 260 15" flat touchscreens
3 receipt printers
2 kitchen printers
2 cash drawers
3 EMV Chip Reader


“No matter the time. Day or night. Meridian Star always has someone available for me when I need assistance.”

Kerry / Hemingway Cafe



“Working with the techs and staff at Meridian Star has increased our sales and efficiency.”

Bryce / CJ’s Crab Shack Miami Beach