Magnificent POS System for Mexican Restaurants

Pantalla completamente configurada de acuerdo a sus preferencias.

  • Menu en el Sistema incluye toda las opciones necesarias.

  • Dividir una cuenta por comida y metodos de pago es bien facil y rapido.

  • Reportes de venta e inventario disponibles y faciles de comprender.

 Screen completely configured according to your preferences.

  • Menu in the System includes all the necessary options.

  • Divide an account by food and payment methods is very easy and fast.

  • Sales reports and inventory available and easy to understand.

Heat up your ordering process

  • Allow us to help you better understand how your menu items are trending over time and learn more about the peak times at your restaurant. 

  • You will benefit from data regarding your best-selling food items that are popular with your customers.

  • Stop working with an out-of-date POS system. We'll help you customize your menu layout and create a flexible system for your service staff, customers, and restaurant management. 

  • Find the perfect system for your Mexican restaurant that is priced right!

Why choose Meridian Point of Sale?

Make your Mexican restaurant more efficient and give your customers a better experience today with the help of Meridian Star Point of Sale.  

Take advantage of Future POS Software to upgrade your point of sale systems and be on the cutting edge of restaurant technology.  

Call us today at (855) 853-6485  for a free demonstration of our state-of-the-art POS systems and see what Meridian Star Point of Sale can do for you.

Our services include

  • Free 24/7 live support

  • Free 26 in-house techs

  • Free local support

  • Free installation

  • Free ongoing training

  • Free 36-month warranty

  • Fully customizable layouts

  • Free menu configuration

  • Free credit card integration