Tablets are a great option to Keep Your Business Moving

Tablet Features Include:

  • EMV pay at the table

  • 3G to allow payment acceptance anywhere

  • Built-in barcode scanner for UPC scanning

  • Built-in GPS for delivery directions

  • Driver's license verification

  • Apple and Samsung Pay


Tablets & handhelds

Handheld devices allow servers to place customer orders and take payments, tableside, for faster service. Use tablets during busy times, or seasonally, like when you open your patio or side deck. Increase customer turnover by encouraging tableside orders. These devices integrate seamlessly with traditional touchscreens for a blended solution, allowing you to keep your existing touchscreen on the bar or server station and tablets out on the floor. Future POS works with virtually any tablet, smartphone or handheld device on the market.

Technology is forcing businesses to adapt on a nearly daily basis. Keep your business on the move with the help of the professionals at Meridian Star Point of Sale.  We have tablet solutions to keep your restaurant mobile, no matter where you go. Each system offers full customization to fit your company's unique needs.

Our tablets allow you to seamlessly send orders to the kitchen, allow for your customers to pay at the table, and come equipped with 3G, GPS, and both Apple and Samsung Pay for all of your delivery needs. 

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Our Services Include

  • Free menu configuration

  • Free menu updates

  • Free credit card integration

  • Free installation

  • Free shipping

  • You own the system!

  • Fully customizable layouts

  • 26 in-house techs

  • Free local support