“A Real Local POS Company”

While other software companies have been cashing in on buzzwords, we took our nearly 20 years in the business and built the deepest, most comprehensive product to ever hit the market. Future POS version 6 has several key features that distinguish it from the rest of the pack. Most legacy applications are starting to look outdated. All of the new tablet POS companies have cloud capabilities but offer minimal functionality and poor reliability. Future POS is providing the best of both worlds.

All POS Packages Include:

  • Titan-260 Flat 15” Touch Screen

  • Receipt Printer

  • Kitchen Printer

  • Cash Drawer

  • EMV Chip Reader

  • Keyboard and Mouse

  • Router

  • Battery backup

  • Surge protector


Titan 260 Quad-Core Terminal

This state-of-the-art model comes equipped with an industrial computer core that can support a wide range of operating systems. 

  • It has an easy-to-change or -replace HDD and flexible configuration options. 

  • A sleek cable management compartment allows for easy access to the system core for maintenance. 

  • Optional MSR and customer display (line display or LCD) is available.

  • Your company deserves the best and that's exactly what you will get when you come to Meridian Star Point of Sale.

  • Our terminals are the perfect blend of quality, performance, durability, and price. Ask about our program pricing.

  • When you want the best technology and local, experienced support, come to Meridian Star Point of Sale. 

  • Call us today at (855) 853-6485  for a free demonstration of our state-of-the-art POS systems and see what Meridian Star Point of Sale can do for you.

Our Services Include

  • Free 24/7 live support

  • Free 26 in-house techs

  • Free local support

  • Free installation

  • Free ongoing training

  • Free 36-month warranty

  • Fully customizable layouts

  • Free menu configuration

  • Free credit card integration

Bundled Prices


1 Station POS

$59 / 36 MONTHS

1 Titan 260 15" flat touchscreen
1 receipt printer
1 kitchen printer
1 cash drawer
1 EMV Chip Reader

2 Station POS

$115 / 36 MONTHS

2 Titan 260 15" flat touchscreens
2 receipt printers
1 kitchen printer
2 cash drawers
2 EMV Chip Readers

3 Station POS

$175 / 36 MONTHS

3 Titan 260 15" flat touchscreens
3 receipt printers
2 kitchen printers
2 cash drawers
3 EMV Chip Reader

4 Station POS

$279 / 36 MONTHS

4 Titan 260 15" flat touchscreens
4 receipt printers
2 kitchen printers
3 cash drawers
4 EMV Chip Readers + Server and back office licenses