POS System Customized for Bar and Nightclubs

Find a wide variety of add-on software specifically designed to help expedite and accurately track bar orders in even the most hectic of nightlife situations.

  • With Repeat Round, a bartender can simply ring in prior drink orders for another round with one easy keystroke.

  • Drink Recipes educate the bartender on how to make a drink and provide other instructions like choosing the proper glass or garnish. Recipes can be printed, and the drink can be processed from the recipe lookup.

  • Beer Club is a marketing program that links up to 200 different beverage or food items to a “club.” If all 200 items are purchased, the customer wins a coupon, discount, or gift card. Build customer loyalty and encourage repeat visits!

  • One Touch Check Recall finds any open check with one keystroke. While other systems use a “pickup check” key, Future POS displays the checks on-screen for efficient recall.

Give your patrons an improved bar or nightclub experience with the help of the point of sale systems available with Meridian Star Point of Sale.  

Don't make your customers fight through a crowded bar or lounge just to get a drink or appetizer. Bring the service right to them.

Your bartenders will be on a first-name basis with your customers, thanks to having quick access to data and receipts. 

Track and bring to an end over-pouring practices and other money-draining habits that may be hurting your bar business. 

Sales made simple

  • Meridian Star Point of Sale offers around-the-clock service for all of your POS systems, so you will always be supported. 

  • Every menu can be completely configured to fit your bar or nightclub, and we offer unlimited menu updates. 

  • Each system comes with complete credit card integration and our company offers FREE on-going training to ensure that your staff is completely trained to give your customers seamless service. 

  • Every system comes with a FREE 36-month warranty to ensure that your bar or nightclub is running efficiently.

Our services include

  • Free 24/7 live support

  • Free 26 in-house techs

  • Free local support

  • Free installation

  • Free ongoing training

  • Free 36-month warranty

  • Fully customizable layouts

  • Free menu configuration

  • Free credit card integration

Call us today at (855) 853-6485  for a free demonstration of our state-of-the-art POS systems and see what Meridian Star Point of Sale can do for you.